Exotic Bracelets                        




 Tiger Eye Bracelet

Big chunks of everlasting tiger eye stones round and square in two rows bracelet. Sterling silver (109gms) 8"L
Item Number:  NZ11712
Price: $199.99


                 Turquoise  Bracelet

Truly a great buy. Lots of beautiful turquoise green gemstones. Sterling Silver. 7.5L (76gms)

Item Number: NZ117115
Price: 189.99

            Pearls & Cubic Zirconium Cuff

Mixed pearl and cubic zirconium cuff. Sterling silver 1.5"H 8"L (83.2gms) Adjustable
Item Number: NZ11711



Spider Web Turquoise cuff

A sprinkle of turquoise and coral stones on sterling silver. 4.4"H adjustable (63gms) Adjustable cuff
Item Number: NZ11714




 Blue Chalcedony Cuff

Sterling Silver/Copper cuff. 1.5"H adjustable (64gms)
Item Number: NZ11713



Green Onyx Bracelet

Bursting sunshine of green onyx bonanza stones Sterling Silver cuff 2"H (104gms) Adjustable cuff
Item Number: NZ11716
Price: $189.99

         Carnelian Bracelet

Intriguing carnelian spread. Sterling silver. 8.5 L(64gms)
Item Number: NZ11718

        Faceted Green Onyx Bracelet

Simply elegant sterling silver faceted onyx bracelet with fish eye lock. 7"L
Item Number: NZ11719


Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet

Sparkling rainbow bracelet with fish eye lock. Sterling Silver 7.5L (84gms)
Item Number: NZ11717


Item Name:  Peridot cuff

Sterling Silver cuff with brilliant studded peridots. 1.5H (75gms) Adjustable
Item Number: NZ12725

               Black Onyx Bracelet

Black onyx bracelet with fish lock. A must see, really speaks gorgeous on your wrist. Sterling Silver 8.0"L (77gms)
Item Number: NZ11717


Rutilated Quartz Bracelet

Sterling silver quartz bracelet with faceted lemon topaz. 8.5"L (119gms)
Item Number: NZ11719





Carved Carnelian Bracelet

Carved Carnelian Bracelet with Obsidian Snow Flake, Grey Moonstone, Labradorite and Garnet sterling silver. 8.5L101gms
Item Number: NZ11721
Price: $176.99


Faceted Rainbow Moonstone 

Faceted Amethyst shiny moonstone with black onyx studs. Fish eye lock Bracelet 7"L  (66gms)
Item Number: NZ11727


Gemstone  Bracelet

Sterling Silver potpourri bracelet with fish eye lock
7" Length (44 gms)

Item Number: NZ11723


 Agate Bracelet

Agate Sterling silver bracelet 1"H (68gms)
Item Number: NZ11726


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